Sustainability. Responsible actions at all levels.


What we champion most at Kalkscheune is sustainability. Both in meeting our corporate responsibility and as well in our capacity as venue operators we attach particular importance to operating the premises in an environmentally responsible way and to seeing the events organized in an environmentally friendly way. We are fair and equal opportunity employers. We are proud of what we have achieved concerning this matter, but are not satisfied and have to continue in the future to achieve excellence on matters large and small.


Here is our Triple Bottom Line Approach:



- Usage of daylight through large, historic factory-style windows

- Pre-cooling by natural aeration during hot season / hot weather

- Lighting control using motion sensor and time control switches

- Gradual replacement of conventional light sources by LEDs / energy saving light bulbs

- Wall greening in the inner courtyard to provide insulation and enhance the atmospheric environment


Operation of the premises

- Heating limited to occupied rooms

- Purchase of green electricity generated from wind of hydroelectric power

- Usage of energy-saving electrical appliances, cooling equipment, computer and media technology equipment

- Usage of eco-friendly "Go green" and "Max Grün" mailing services

- Usage of environmentally-sound detergents

- Water saving faucets

- Usage of high-quality recycled paper

- Systematic waste prevention and waste separation (Green Dot, paper, glass, residual waste)


Green Events

- Being centrally located Kalkscheune has optimum public transport connections

- We work with regional partners who are also committed to sustainable production: Our caterers prepare meals form regional, seasonal and organic products, our florists provide us with flowers which are either regionally grown or carry the Fair-frade label

- Kalkscheune offers regionally produced beverages, such as Bad Liebenwerda mineral water

- Usage of completely compostable single-use coffee mugs with very good ecological balance

- At the end of an event, attendees may have their personal carbon dioxide footprint calculated and balanced out


  Social Responsibility

- Step-by-step alterations to provide barrier-free access to all rooms

- Family-friendly part-time work


Have we caught your interest? If you are interested in a sustainable event at Kalkscheune, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide ample professional advice.