Inner courtyard. The inner courtyard is ideally located at the hub of Kalkscheune and is accessible from all other rooms.

Guests to the Kalkscheune have the full advantage of the generously laid out green inner courtyard which conveys a kind of open air feeling right in the heart of downtown Berlin. Our retractable ceiling canvases add to the very special ambiance of the inner courtyard and protect from occasional rain. After sunset, the canvasses may serve as screens for the projection of a "Welcome" sign or for the presentation of your company logo: Immersed in atmospheric lighting, the inner courtyard and canvasses constitute a "wellness" entity which is an ideal outdoor reception area to receive your guests with a welcome drink, to invite to a summer evening barbecue or to present your products in an informal atmosphere.


Please follow the link for some more impressions of the Inner Courtyard.

  • Größe in m2:
    bis zu 300
  • parlamentar. Bestuhlung:
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