Lounges & Basement. An ambience with a difference, Highly recommendable for chill outs and wild partying alike.

Our Lounges are located on the ground floor and offers many functional possibilities. You can use the Lounges for Meetings and Workshops with a small group of people, or you can transform it into a cosy Cocktail-Lounge with a small dancefloor. Also it’s possible to put a coatroom in there or a place for welcome and registration.


The basement offers lots of space for parties, dancing and having a drink. The room layout is special and gives many options to use.


Please follow the link to the Floor Plans
and some more impressions of our Lounge.

Lounges | Basement

  • parlamentar. Bestuhlung:
    - | -
  • Bankett rechteckig/ 10-er:
    20 | -
  • Bankett rund/ 8-er:
    - | -
  • Empfang:
    30 | 150
  • Reihenbestuhlung:
    - | -
  • Party:
    50 | 200
  • Raumhöhe:
    3,4 | 3,4